WHAM Rakes in Donations from Prime

The closure of Prime Social led to another partnership with WHAM- West Houston Assistance Ministries. As a result of the state wide closure of restaurants and bars, Prime too shut its doors as a precaution. The spread of Coronavirus and COVID-19 hit businesses and consumers alike.

Many are being hit with hard economic times during this pandemic. The increase in economic stress has caused an increase in food bank patronage, leaving all shelves bare. Fewer families are provided for as grocery stores and food banks lose stock. School closures have also contributed to the influx of needed donations for hungry Texans.

WHAM, a partner of the Houston Food Bank, has been preparing packaged boxes of donations for distribution. A news story by ABC 13 about WHAM’s difference in the community mentions the line for services wrapped around the building before they even opened. The next day, Prime showed up with a truck full of donations for the pantry.

We realized all of the food we normally prepare for our members wouldn’t be used. The thought of throwing it away seemed completely wrong. Each day more stories hit the headlines of charities needed donations. Luckily, Prime contacted our friends at WHAM about the food. Thanks to our Full House Feast, our relationship with WHAM gave us an avenue to get the food in the hands of Houstonians. In just a few calls, our bar manager Drew was set to arrive at WHAM with nearly half a ton of produce, milk and eggs.

WHAM successfully took 867 pounds of food off our hands that would have otherwise been wasted. We are very grateful to them, their volunteers, and all food pantries. Without them many of our neighbors would be in dire circumstances. Thank you, WHAM.

Stay safe, Prime members. We will keep you updated on our date of reopening.