It Pays to Play at Prime Social

Time Is Money

Earn FREE time just for playing your favorite games!

Earn up to $1,000 of free seat rental time for hours played in “live” games each week.

Payouts will be awarded based on the following hours played during the weekly qualifying period:

  • 20-29.99 hours = $50 of free time
  • 30-39.99 hours = $75 of free time
  • 40-49.99 hours = $120 of free time
  • 50-59.99 hours = $175 of free time
  • 60-69.99 hours = $250 of free time
  • 70-79.99 hours = $350 of free time
  • 80-89.99 hours = $500 of free time
  • 90-99.99 hours = $750 of free time
  • 100 + hours = $1,000 of free time

Weekly qualifying periods will be from 12 am on Sunday through 11:59 pm on the following Saturday. The first weekly period begins at 12 am on Sunday, October 20th.

Time redemption will be available after 11 am on Sunday beginning October 27th and will expire after one week (11 am the following Sunday).

Each weekly qualifying period is an independent event and hours do not rollover.

Due to the high volume of players, it is the player’s responsibility to ensure correct time accumulation. No time adjustments will be made, no exceptions.

Rules and Notices: Anyone found accumulating time improperly, not adhering to rules, or using another player’s time card will be subject to disqualification at management’s discretion. Free time winners must present proper identification prior to payout. Management reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion at its sole discretion and without prior notice. Any dispute or situation not covered by these rules shall be resolved by Prime Social management in manner that is fair to all parties.

Sports Specials

Come out to Prime Social to watch sports games and play poker all in one place. With food and drink delivered to your table, we’re the all in destination for sports entertainment.


  • $0.75 Wings
    minimum order 6
  • $5 Plain Cheeseburger
  • $5 Pizza
  • $5 Garlic Bacon Fries


  • $3 Shock Top
  • $5 Procrastination
  • $5 Whiskey and Coke
  • $5 Rum and Coke

**Specials run from beginning of game until end of game


Daily Fees Are Now Waived

From 6 am – 2 pm

(Monday – Friday)


Free Daily Fee

$120 of Time for $100

15% off Food and Beverages

For All Prime Players 65+ Years Old


Free Daily Fee

$120 of Time for $100

15% off Food and Beverages

For All Prime Players 65+ Years Old


Stop losing hands waiting for dealers or players to fumble around with Time Cards.

Everything is electronic and correct to the minute. The most player friendly and fair seat rental in Texas.

*Live games only Use your PRIMECARD to redeem comps for food, drinks and daily game room fee.