Prime Menu

Our Food Menu


Pickled mushrooms and rice noodle salad

Loose edamame/ fresh seaweed/ roasted seasoned nuts/ sesame vinaigrette

House wedge salad

Crispy cracklin’s/ 7 minute egg/ pickled tomato and Shishito pepper jam/ Avery island remoulade

Spicy tuna poke

Seasoned rice/ seaweed salad/ surimi

California poke

Seasoned rice/ seaweed salad/ surimi


Rolling hot potstickers

Shrimp or Pork/ Warm tomato jam/ sweet potato chutney/ fresh cornichons

Next level wings

Karaage marinade/ chargrilled chilli garlic sauce/ fried onions

Thai fried rice

Seared pork belly cubes/ red chili dip/ ginger/ edamame/ fresh mint, basil, cilantro sprigs

Chicken katsu

Golden brown panko crusted chicken/ pickled shaved micro slaw/ Dijon sabaillon

Roasted roots

Miso marinated roasted kohlrabi and turnips/ hot sizzle sesame oil/ garlic aioli/ roasted pine nuts

Saag paneer

Creamed spinach in curry/ roasted eggplant/ naan


Tom Yun Koong

Hot & sour broth/ lemon grass/ lime juice/ wood-ear mushrooms/ with shrimp

Pho Thai Chin

Vietnamese style beef broth/ thinly sliced raw sirloin/ fresh veggies/ house rice noodles


Classic tonkotsu broth/ roasted pork belly/ 7  minute egg/ todays veggies


Golden fried tempura shrimp/ mushrooms/ broccoli/ tofu/ spinach

*all soups CAN be made spicy upon request

Add ons for any soup:

Xtra protein/ tofu/ corn/ broccoli/ fish cake/ noodles/ broth/ eggs

Hands On

All sandwiches served with seasoned fries or tatter tots

House burger

8oz patty/ Brioche bun/ lettuce/ tomato/ onion/ pickles/ Wisconsin cheddar/ mustard

Cuban burger

8oz patty/ Fresh baguette/ roasted pork belly/ slab of grilled ham/ slab of Swiss cheese/ pickles/ yellow mustard

Hickory burger

8oz patty/ Brioche bun/ slab of grilled ham/ chopped onions/ grated sharp cheddar/ house hickory sauce

Pork katsu sandwich

Golden fried pork ribeye/ brioche bun/ slaw/ pickles/ tonkatsu sauce

Bahn mi

Roasted bbq pork/French roll/ house pate/ crispy veg

Beef tip dip

Roasted beef tips/ hero bun/ mozzarella/ mayo/ jus

Bayou cheesesteak

Plancha style beef ribbons/ 10-15 grilled onions/ bell peppers/ jalapenos/ cheese wiz


Rajas, chicken and cheese served with guacamole, pico and crema


Choice of chorizo and potatoes/ carnitas/ tinga/ chicharron en salsa

*make any of them breakfast style with soft scramble and cheese

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