Tuesday, 13 March 2018 20:39

March Madness ESPN Broadcast Party

Come join the madness this Friday March 16th as we welcome ESPN radio for a live broadcast and NCAA tournament watch Party!

ESPN radio will be onsite from 7a to 7p with live broadcasts from some of your favorite on-air personalities. Come meet John Granato, Lance Zierlein, Joe Blank, Fred Faour and many more. The ESPN promo team will be on site all day with Prime Social hat and tee-shirt giveaways.

The madness really heats at 12pm with our headhunter tournament! $100+20 gets you in and gives you a chance win $100 if you "knockout" UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis. There will also be $100 headhunter bounties on John Granato and Lance Zierlein. And last but certainly not least there is a $100 bounty on former Houston Rocket Rafer "Skip-to-my-Lou" Alston!

And if live poker is your game we got you covered with $50 Bracket Buster Splash Pots! Every live poker game running will get $50 added to a pot when a lower seed beats a higher seed for all the NCAA games that start before 7pm on Friday March 16th. So get ready to cheer for the upset on our 29 giant flat screens.

For this Friday all entry fees before 7pm will be waived. So come on in and check out Houston's hottest new social club, Prime Social!

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